The Chronicles of All Time: Remember to Forget

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HARMONIC UNIVERSE ONE. Twenty-First Century. Planet Earth.

The command center of the starship Hawk circling Earth is lit up like a Christmas tree.

“Alert! Alert! Integrity breach in Hangars 1 and 4.”

Alfie’s slender body moves quickly among the main consoles, taking inventory of the ship's systems; he reports to the captain.

“Captain, we cannot stay much longer. We are sustaining too much damage. We are securing our agents and as many selected indigenous humans as we can. There are being beamed to the decks. All hangars are being cleared, and all aircraft carriers are safely inside.”

“Did we get Commander Jane Dorkon on board?”

“Yes. Barely. She is in quarantine for removal of spyware and tracers. That is how our Geeray foes could target us. They used her like a Trojan horse. We cannot hold up the frequency barriers to protect ourselves, let alone the Earth.”

“This is not how I imagined this would go, Alfie. The council will not be happy, and neither will Jane.”

A shudder throws two crewmen on the ground, more lights up.

“Captain, out T’Rill main power cores have been hit by annihilation beams. The Geeray must have access to our frequencies and defense pattern rotators. The ship is beyond repairs and is falling apart quickly.”

“Evacuate all personnel and send out a call for help now!”

Explosions are not heard in space, but the destruction of the Hawk starship was seen in the night sky from the Persian Gulf till Iceland.

On the Falcon starship positioned behind Saturn.

“Captain Kyrasha, we have an emergency distress call from the Hawk.”

Waking Up at Both Sides: Discover What You Couldn’t Ask

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Why am I a so-called expert?

That is a great question, and in essence I am not an expert for your path, you are. That said, I need to give you some background information about my journey. First, I was the foster child of agnosticism, borderline atheist, mainly because I pursued a scientific career and I could not find any evidence of a Higher Force. That and it seemed to align with my parents’ view of a corrupt Catholic church. Where was God in all that’s going on in the world? And so my staunch conclusion was that if it couldn’t be proven consistently in a lab, then it would not exist, or it would not matter.

Surprisingly, in May 2012, I was pulled out of my body into Heaven, by lack of better words. Cool, huh? I know, but for the first five minutes there I had no clue what was going on, except that it was the most amazing feeling I have ever felt. I had a long conversation with a very benevolent and wise Being, who has been tutoring me since.

Now, you have to understand the irony here. I have obtained a PhD in biochemistry/neuropharmacology and with that I became an expert in neurotransmitters and their receptors in the brain that are involved in psychosis and paranoia. There were many time where I thought I was having psychotic episodes, because “who talks to a so-called I am that I am/God/Yahweh/Jesus/Buddha anyway,” right?