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Reviews on Waking Up At Both Sides

About the Book

The Chronicles of All TimeRemember to Forget

The Chronicles of All-Time is a series of books that explores the life of Dr. Elliott Himmerept, which is an alias of the author. It describes the nature of time, space, and reality.

In the book, the author recounts his visits to what we call heaven, his discussion with extraterrestrials and archangels, and many more.

Discover who we really are as humans and join as Dr. Himmerept’s journey into the openness and acceptance that life is more than what it seems.

Waking Up at Both SidesDiscover What You Couldn’t Ask

Waking Up at Both Sides offers interesting insights into the nature of our reality and the roles we portray in life. Take an exciting ride through the eyes of the author as he describes the painful and hilarious experiences he had when he was pulled out of his body into what we call heaven.

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About the Author

Dr. Jurgen Vanhauwe was born in Belgium. He holds a doctorate in biochemistry. To have a better understanding about the human brain, he specialized in neuropharmacology.

After his experience of being pulled out of his body and entering heaven, he began to write books. His first book was Waking Up at Both Sides followed by The Chronicles of All-Time.

The Author joined his creator peacefully on March 2016.

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